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Top 10 Kindness Stories of 2012, Story #5 - It Was All My Choice!

Yesterday was my 51st birthday.  While some may wonder why I would write about me, it is because I made a choice. I have never been a big fan of my birthday.  Hurts from the past and just not enjoying the "wisdoming" (instead of aging) process up to now, has usually left me either quiet about my birthday or just plain grumpy about it.  But yesterday, when I woke up, my first thought was: Thank you God for letting me wake another day.  The next decision was: I am going to choose to be happy today, no matter what day it is, and I'm going to let others in on it too!  I thought of several things for me to do, one of my favorite being that since I turned 51, I sat down with my journal and wrote the numbers 1 through 51 and next to each one spent some time ... Read Full Story >>

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Just Doing The Right Thing

I was on a walk with a friend yesterday when I found a BlackBerry cell phone in a puddle of melted snow.  I picked it up and it still worked!  I started scrolling through the contact list and calling numbers to see if I could figure out whose phone it was.  Unfortunately, only one person answered and she didn't recognize the number that I was calling from.  She made a comment of "It is just so nice that you are trying to find out whose phone it is."  Since that lady didn't know whose phone it was, my friend suggested that we go back to the street and the house that we found the BlackBerry in front of.  I knocked on the door and two college-age people answered.  They hadn't lost their phones, but as I told them the story and mentioned some names on the contact list, the young man said that he had those names ... Read Full Story >>

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There is Always an Opportunity for Kindness

As I was leaving the grocery store yesterday, I noticed an old man hobbling along struggling with 2 sacks of food.  It was bitterly cold (10 F).  There isn't much near the store, so I guess he must have a fair walk ahead of him.  I pulled up near him, rolled the car near him and put the window down to ask if he needed a ride.  I think he was a bit skeptical since few people go out of their way to do these sorts of things, but he did accept.  After he got settled in the car, my husband and I introduced ourselves, but he was very quiet and reluctant to give his name. During the drive, we tried to make him more comfortable with some small talk.  We chatted on about the weather, this new store opening and the like. His home was more than 2 miles away on unplowed streets, it would have ... Read Full Story >>

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The Joy in Receiving From My Daughter

My daughter and I are very much alike.  We are both determined, independent-minded women who are out to make a difference in this world.  As wonderful as it is to be so similar, it has also at times creates riffs in our home as we both always want to be the one in charge.  On top of that, throw in the fact that she is 18 (and anyone who has raised at least one daughter to adulthood will know what I mean- moods, drama and the like) and it has created a less than desirable relationship between us at times. This weekend, we took a trip to visit her college of choice.  The trip involved a lot of organisation, we had to take 2 airplanes, rent a car and stay at a hotel.   Traveling has never been one of my favorite things to do - especially when it involves a very short layover between flights and ... Read Full Story >>

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