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A Kindness Suspect

--by iferlamb, posted Sep 13, 2010

The most wonderful thing happened at work today!

Here's an e mail conversation I had with a co-worker a few minutes ago. Please read it;

Co-worker - Did you by any chance send me a cute pick-me-up yesterday?

Me - Tell me more about this pick-me-up. What was it?

Co-worker - Adorable balloons and little pigs whose wings flap when you press their foot. So cute! No name on the card and the florist who delivered them was instructed not to say who they were from. It looks suspiciously like something you would do!

Me - Wow! Sounds like it was from an angel! I have tears in my eyes, and I have a suggestion. Pay it forward! Just accept the beautiful gift, then do something nice for someone else. Keep it going! That's what I do when something like that happens to me.

Co-worker - Great idea, I will definitely do that! 

Then I thought to myself, what a wonderful thing to be suspected of! You know you must be doing something right if you are suspected of being responsible for an anonymous random act of kindness.

It made my day! Smiles!!!


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josietn wrote: I agree. That is one of the best compliments! :)
momov3 wrote: Oh iferlamb- you must be so kind and do so many kindnesses to be automatically suspected of such a wonderful thing!! Keep it up, the world needs more like you :-)
cabbage wrote: WOW!!! I bet you are an angel is so many different ways. What a fabulous thing to "be suspected of"!! Keep it up!! :-)
Big hugs to you.
Aurelia wrote: How sweet! You are defintely an instrument of God's Love...Goodness is seen in all that you do. :)
Angels gather on this site and inspire one another... Thanks for being an Angel~ :) Aurelia
JuneBug wrote: Too cute !!!! You played tha well !!

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