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Two Little Hearts - Both For Sharing

--by walkingraven, posted Nov 2, 2010

I found a website that sells tiny pewter hearts which are not too expensive, so, I bought a batch and I keep a couple in my pocket most of the time.

Whenever I find the opportunity, when I am out in stores, at a yard sale or at work or anywhere really, I will ask the person I am speaking with to give me their hand. I put two of those little hearts in the palm of their hand saying, "Keep one and pass the other one on."

The responses I get are amazing! If I had won the Lottery there would not be bigger smiles or more excitement.  Everyone immediately wants to tell me who is getting the other heart; someone with cancer, their child who was grumpy this morning, and so on.  

A little sharing really makes people happy!

P.S.  In my other pocket I carry dog biscuits so even their canine friends can be happy!

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Happy7 wrote: What a great story. I love reading all these neat ideas. God bless you
Gary wrote: I was very inspired by your idea. Here's what i did as a result:

At work, we have a program with cards to recognize someone who does exceptional work. I decided to create a version for my personal life. I created some business cards that say "you are awesome" with a link to my blog entry around that idea.

I hand them out to people who make my day, who are exceptional at what they do, who are doing their best to make the world a better place.

Thanks for the inspiration. You've created a wonderful ripple effect.
Betsy wrote: So, where can you get the interlocking hearts? wrote: The website to buy the hearts has now been added as a link in the story - thanks walkingraven for sharing the link :) please click on the link in the first sentence for those who would like to know where to get the hearts.
annie wrote: Beautiful! I walk my dogs every day and run into so many people i'd love to give a heart to. Can you supply the website address for the hearts? Thanks
noot wrote: Wow its so amazing the good things we as people focus on the peace we want for our self and of others thank you for the story. Smiles over here whew who!
sunshin3 wrote: So simple, so sweet :)
Penny wrote: I'd love to know the website too! Thanks.
iroshads wrote: Just wow. May i kindly know that website?
serveothers wrote: What a wonderful idea. It would be great if you could share the place you bought these.

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