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School Children Play The 'Appreciation' Game

--by sydskies, posted Oct 28, 2010

My favorite teacher plays a game with us at least once a week called "Appreciations".  In this game, one person throws a ball to another person in the class who he would like to appreciate.  Usually, we thank other kids for saying "hi" in the halls or hanging out on the weekend.

Today, however, the first appreciation was very deep, and the receiver began to cry.  Afterward, we continued to go deeper and deeper, and our teacher decided to hold off on the lesson we were supposed to learn today.  Instead, she had us all make envelopes to put on our desk (like on Valentines Day in grade school)  :) 

After that, we spent the full hour writing a note to every single person in the class about anything we wanted to tell them.

The comments made me smile so much that my mouth hurt and some of then even made me cry!  It just goes to show that something small can go a long way.  There are two comments in particular that I want to read every night before bed – that’s how amazing they are!  This story is dedicated to my class, the amazing bonds we have made this semester, and the changes that I have witnessed during class.

To all readers -- try it yourself: leave a small, short, or really long note to someone you know.  Believe me, it will make their day!

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Readers Comments

josietn wrote: Wonderful! I want to try this in my classroom! :)
Habeib wrote: This story is soooo great :d

chris wrote: I love this story. And it helps kids to know other kids see their good qualties
shalini wrote: The ball idea s fantastic. We can apply it as ice breakers also
bookworm58 wrote: Thanks for such a great plan. It meant a lot to me and i will try to do this in my daily life too.

Children are wonderful teachers to us grown up at times.
shelen wrote: This is a great way to multiply kindess.
alberta morton wrote: Its amazing how many people especialy lonely people get from a hand writen letter it can be so comforting just to know some one out there cares enough to take time out just for them. God bless
shelley wrote: This is a wonderful idea no matter the age of the children. Kindness can change the world. One step at a time. Starting today!
nedas wrote: I love you
noot wrote: First i want to say i love you all! Then to sydskies i want to say its such a energy moving gift to all who read this and thank you! You have just made my day and i can't wait to share it!

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