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School Children Play The 'Appreciation' Game

My favorite teacher plays a game with us at least once a week called "Appreciations".  In this game, one person throws a ball to another person in the class who he would like to appreciate.  Usually, we thank other kids for saying "hi" in the halls or hanging out on the weekend. Today, however, the first appreciation was very deep, and the receiver began to cry.  Afterward, we continued to go deeper and deeper, and our teacher decided to hold off on the lesson we were supposed to learn today.  Instead, she had us all make envelopes to put on our desk (like on Valentines Day in grade school)  :)  After that, we spent the full hour writing a note to every single person in the class about anything we wanted to tell them. The comments made me smile so much that my mouth hurt and some of then even made me cry!  It just ... Read Full Story >>

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Pay-it-Forward Starts With Some Cold Water

Today was the first step in my project to 'Pay-it-forward.  It is only a small gesture, but I hope it made some peoples' day. 

Yesterday as I was driving home from school I saw the crossing guards and thought they would probably like some water on a warm day. 

So today I went to school with a cooler filled with water and ice.  I stoped after school with a friend and handed out cold water bottles to any crossing guard we saw.  It was a thrill and made us both feel great. 

Most crossing guards were very happy and thanked us, but there we a few who didn't acknowledge us :( Oh well, we told all of them despite a lack in intrest that we appreciate them and what they do in our community and for the children :) 

What a great day. 

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Mrs. A Appreciation Day!

My good deed for today was to bake cupcakes for my entire physics class in honor of my wonderful physics teacher, Mrs. A.  She is not an average teacher.  She is very smart and intelligent and is teaching us an important subject for university.  On top of this, she is so sweet and compassionate -- she never belittles her students and is always fair.  Because of these reasons, I feel that she deserved this day of cupcake honor :)

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