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The Smile-Effect

--by TheHuman, posted May 16, 2011

Here are some smiley related things that I did today:

1) Prepared Smileys of various sizes through the following method:
    a) Selected a very beautiful Smiley from the Internet
    b) Made a printout of that Smiley
    c) Purchased thick paper
    d) Used gum to paste each Smiley onto thick paper
    e) Used scissors to cut the paper into a round shape
    f) The Smileys looked very beautiful!

2) Gave the Smiley card that I prepared to a friend, and on the back, I mentioned how he helped me and what I liked about him.  He liked this.

3) Gave a Smiley card to another friend and on the back, mentioned that the suggestions he gave me in past helped me. He said, "Gift was very nice. I haven't received something like this for 10 years, and I'm very happy."

4) Gave 2 very small Smiley cards to two other friends during happy moments, and these Smileys generated smiles on their faces.

All in all, I found good qualities in people and, while giving Smileys, I recognized the help that they gave me in the past.  Everything came to my mind because of the Smiley giving concept.

These small things can have a big effect. Please use Smiley cards to generate smiles and make people happy.

Thanks to because I see a lot of good people here.  Amazing! Wonderful!

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Readers Comments

Bluxess wrote: Your attitude will take you far.

Have a blessed day, bluxess.
oldgirl wrote: What a great idea to individualise your smiley cards to those who have helped you thehuman.

I like the idea and would like to do the same, if that does not worry you!

If it made those who helped you feel great and bought a smile to their faces, then i am sure that it will do the same for others.

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