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Hurrah! Yuppie! This Is the Day to Keep Rocking!

--by TheHuman, posted Oct 12, 2011

I printed 8 wonderful inspiring quotes sent by my friend and gave them to two friends who are going through tough times.  They felt so happy :), and my inner voice said, "Keep rocking :)."

We went to a hotel, but one of our companions didn't get any food.  Later we went to a canteen, but our companion told us that he would not eat. I ordered Maggi noodles for myself, and then a thought came, and I asked our companion to eat a little.  We each ended up eating half. I knew that his stomach was still fairly empty, so I ordered one more, this time for him, but I told him it was for me.  He said ok. Then I said, "Eat a little; my stomach is full."  Actually it was not full :), but I pretended, and he ate.

Another friend of mine was in trouble, so we went out for coffee. I gave him a Smile Deck Card that said, "Make someone smile at any cost." He asked, "What's this?" I said, "First smile." He gave a big smile and I said, "This is what is written on it," and he laughed like anything...Yuppie! Hurrah! What a moment!

I saw one of my friends had written ":(" on chat status, and I wanted to change it to ":)". So I went back to the past and thought nice memories I had of him and emailed him with energizing words.  He replied, ":( changed to :) with your words". Wow!

What a day! I love to see people smiling...being happy...Yuppie! Hurrah! Just Keep Rocking :).

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