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Giving Away a Special Gift

--by TheHuman, posted Dec 26, 2011

One of my friends always serves the community.  He frequently goes to villages and teaches children.  I wanted to do something nice for my friend and the perfect opportunity came after I donated blood.  After donating, I recieved a small cup as a gift. 

I just took that cup and dropped some smile cards in it and went to my friend's room and said "I have a gift for you".

He was confused and then I gave the cup and said "One year ago, I remember you told children to come to your room if they needed help with their studies. I really liked that you did that and wanted to show you my appreciation by giving you this cup." He smiled a lot and said "thank you man and he hugged me".

I felt so happy and showed him the smile card that said "thank a person helping the society" and said "thank you".  Then, then showed another smile card that said "Give away something important to you" and let him know that the cup was very important to me.  Lastly,  I gave him another smile card that said "tell a person working in public service how important they are" and told him to give the card to his father that works in public service. 

That day I felt so happy...Hurrah! Yahoo!

Keep Smiling :)





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