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Helping a Girl Get Married

--by RMB333, posted Jan 20, 2012

 A few years back during the time that my aged mother was bedridden, her attendant happened to be a young woman. She was caring and kind, though not trained in her profession. When we heard her personal story our hearts sank.  

She was to get married to her fiance in the near future and according to their custom the bride had to wear a valuable, colorful saree with gold accessories.  In addition, she had to give away 12 sarees plus matching jackets. This all would cost her a lot.  

Seeing how my parents had helped the people who worked for us when we were kids, a flash of lightning struck me.  I though if we don't help her, who would?  A couple of months passed by and her mind was only on the "big" problem and in another four months she would have to get married, only with the six months salary she had collected from us.  

Now it was only three months before her marriage. I had resigned from my office some months back. All accounts had been settled yet a letter arrived from my former office and I was wondering what it was. Low and behold, it was a check for a substantial sum with a letter of apology saying there had been a miscalculation, hence, this check.  The sum was enough to fulfill the girl's wedding wish.  

After having lunch, my mother's attendent returned to help my mother and  I told her that she did not need to worry at all because her needs would be met in addition to her six months salary bonus. She just couldn't fathom what was going on. Her facial expression was amazing.  

She was laughing and crying at the same moment.  Her eyes were sparkling. When I took her shopping, she spent a few hours choosing her bridal saree and the other twelve sarees.  From a part of her salary she bought good clothes for her parents and her grandmother. For the  gold accessories, her aunt had wanted to help by taking the girl to their jewelry shop. So, with great happiness I donated the complete balance.  

At the end of the month her parents came to collect her. The whole family left with broad smiles. The wedding was held and the following year we received a telephone call to inform us that she had become a mother. She had just given birth to a baby girl. 

I was full of smiles then and now when I think back.  

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Readers Comments

Femi wrote: Wonderful, the girl will never forget the good you have done for her. Well done.
lorri wrote: I'm positive she saw you as an angel. That is such a special time in a persons life and you did something a girls fairy godmother would do :-) storybook. Awesome :-)
RMB333 wrote: Your beautiful comments have gone right into my head /mind! Million thanks and immense blessings to you -femi & lorri!
HappyDae wrote: Such a beautiful story of generosity. May all the happiness you have brought come back to you "in good measure and pressed down" kjv. Love and peace, happydae
David wrote: A lovely story of kindness, blessings.
whitby98 wrote: How wonderful of you to donate that money to her. I'm sure her gratitude brought you more happiness than the money would have. God bless.
bookworm58 wrote: You were a blessing to this girl. I thank you for sharing this wonderful story with all of us.
bookworm58 wrote: You were a blessing to this girl. I thank you for sharing this wonderful story with all of us.
moral12 wrote: That was above and beyond the "call of duty" that you did for the girl. But, you showed your appreciation in a such a generous way, you were like a fairy-godmother to her! I know her family (and she) had to be astounded and so grateful to you. Kudos to you!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is wonderful and something I am sure left an impact on her heart for the rest of her life! :)

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