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A Guide Dog for the Blind

Many years ago I lived in a western country. My very first job saw me employed in the city and I was thrilled to commute to the office by public transport! I had never been employed before and my chances of travelling on a bus by myself had always been very remote.  So, I was very happy with my new lifestyle! I left home each morning in time to catch the 8.05 bus from the main road. One Autumn morning I could see the bus approaching. I could also see an elderly lady walking with an adorable dog beside her. There were some youngsters behind her. The bus arrived and we got on. Unlike in eastern countries only eight passengers were permitted to travel standing. I was inside the bus when the conducter called, "Only eight standing passengers! Could the last one to get on please get off?" I saw those youngsters ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping a Girl Get Married

 A few years back during the time that my aged mother was bedridden, her attendant happened to be a young woman. She was caring and kind, though not trained in her profession. When we heard her personal story our hearts sank.   She was to get married to her fiance in the near future and according to their custom the bride had to wear a valuable, colorful saree with gold accessories.  In addition, she had to give away 12 sarees plus matching jackets. This all would cost her a lot.   Seeing how my parents had helped the people who worked for us when we were kids, a flash of lightning struck me.  I though if we don't help her, who would?  A couple of months passed by and her mind was only on the "big" problem and in another four months she would have to get married, only with the six months ... Read Full Story >>

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Running To The Record Shop

Many years ago I was on vacation in Tilehurst, a beautiful little village in Reading, in the U.K.  I was with my sister and her family and it was my first trip to the West. Having been born and brought up in the East I had to  get used to the English accent which sounded quite diferent to 'our' way of speaking.   I enjoyed walking in and around Tilehurst. It was a typical English village; elderly ladies walking out with lovely hats, their husband with their walking sticks, reminding me of the English films we had watched as kids back home.   In Tilehurst the main mode of public transport was a single little "Shuttle" bus which ran from Tilehurst to Reading. There was no need for more as every family owned either one or two vehicles. Being October the Autumn weather was lovely and comortable which encouraged me to go out. I would ... Read Full Story >>

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Being the Oldest and the Youngest

A few years ago, I wanted to do something special for my birthday.   I remembered how my parents gave me a very special treat when I was a child. I never enjoyed big parties so they decided to celebrate by organizing a party for the local orphans. And that was the most beautiful gift I ever had! With those memories in mind, ten days before my birthday I placed an order for a huge ribbon cake with lovely decorations. I also applied for a day’s leave from the office where I worked.   On the morning of my birthday I dashed to the cake shop. There it was! A grand, huge, ribbon cake with loads of beautiful decorations! I felt a kid myself!     I bought some other food stuff to go with the special cake then, smiling broadly, I drove to an orphanage.    There were now two differant buildings in the same compound. An ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Through the Generations

Many years ago when I was employed, I joined my mother in donating some money to build small houses for six poor families. After their houses were completed, with gratitude in their hearts, we were invited for their house warming ceremonies.  They had lovely homes to live in.  We felt very light and satisfied after seeing them with roofs over their heads.  Several years passed by, my parents had passed away and I lhad eft my work to lead a retired life. Some time later, I took a meditation retreat trip to Thailand. In these meditation centers, the foreign mediators are given accommodation in seperate areas, where either two women or two men share a single room with a common bath and toilet or a single room with an attached bath and toilet. The local meditators stay in large halls. The time of the year was such that the meditation center was completely full. Therefore, ... Read Full Story >>

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