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A Heart Touched By A Musical Soul

--by flowerpower, posted Mar 3, 2012

I was feeling a little blue because my mother had been laid off from her job and she had lots of bills to pay. It left me wondering what was going to happen to us now. But it reassured me some when my mother told me she was relieved to be leaving since her boss wasn't the nicest person to be around.

I got off the college shuttle bus and started walking. That's when I heard piano music and singing rising above the noise of the people and the traffic. I walked a little slower so I could find out to where it was coming from. Through the crowd I saw a young lady sitting at a piano with a carriage next to her.
She was singing songs about love, keeping on trying, and not underestimating the power within yourself. The way she was singing comforted me a bit. I stood there watching her play for about fifteen minutes, thinking that it must take courage to perform on your own in the middle of a crowded New York ferry terminal. 
So I stood there listening.
She must have felt my presence because she would occasionally look in my direction. By now I was telling myself that if she could perform in front of hundreds of people she didn't know the I could at least tell her how good she sounded. I walked over and put some money in her carriage and she said, "Thank you." Instead of continuing my way home, I said to her, "I have been going through a rough time lately, but you've made me hopeful again."
"I'm happy that I could help," she replied. "Why are you so sad?"
"Well, my mum told me she had got fired from her job, and that made me sad. I'm not so sure what to do ..."
"You see, here's the problem," she explained. "The way you were walking, your head was down. Don't look defeated, because opportunity come in different ways and if your head is down you might never see it. You should smile more ... lift your head up."
I smiled faintly, amazed by how she was encouraging me. So, I asked her, "Why are you playing the piano in the middle of a crowded place? I've seen you do this more then once."
She explained to me that she sees a lot of negative people in the world and she tries to alleviate the pain and bring more positivity by sharing motivational music. She told me that when she wasn't making music she studied psychology. So, that was how she knew some of the things she was telling me.
I smiled a little wider because I knew that she was doing a good thing. So, after that we parted, my heart touched and lightened by a musical soul!


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Readers Comments

Poornima wrote: The story and the experience one went through was amazing and so true. My morale has gone up!
Karen DeBraal wrote: I love to hear music in public places. Does the soul good. Thanks for sharing. I play my harp as a volunteer for hospice once in awhile. It is an honor to do so.
Linda wrote: What an uplifting. Like a breath of fresh air. Story! Thank you for sharing! There is an international project called "play me i'm yours" that provides donated (and artfully painted) pianos to be placed outdoors. It started in the uk in 2008 and i was fortunate to play an ever so small part in the project when it came to cleveland ohio. Having someone playing a piano where unexpected is such a joy. (it also gives someone an opportunity to play if they've never had one! ) most of all, it often brings people together and adds a smile to their day.
Rajni Gohil wrote: Very inspiring story about the effect of music. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.
Hope many people will use music to lift their spirit and get benefited.

Rippo wrote: Do not a lot of money to buy some real estate? Worry no more, just bacsuee it is possible to get the to solve all the problems. Hence get a secured loan to buy everything you need.
Genevieve wrote: Keeping your head up, picks you up, keepng it down shows you have been defeated and have let your problems control you. Excellent advice.
bookworm58 wrote: The story is wonderful. They say music is the window into the soul. I relax with music and it is very relaxing. That lady playing the piano for all those people is a blessing to them all. Thank you for sharing with everyone
WANDERA JOSEPH wrote: Thanks for the story. I will always keep my head high to avoid missing any opportunity
sujit wrote: Excellent really heart touching
Damber Singh Mongar wrote: It's really motivating for music lover like me and other as well. I am touched by the story shared. Thank you so much for being my source of inspiration.

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