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Welcome To The Kindness Family, Granddaughter-in-law.

--by myfbil, posted Mar 12, 2012

My grandson will be getting married soon and my new granddaughter-to-be stopped by to pick up a TV that I was giving to a cousin. 

After the TV was loaded into the car we got talking about this and that and I found out she needed baking sheets. 
I went to the cupboard, took out two new sheets, and gave them to her. Of course, I didn't mention that they were intended to replace my own old battered ones. 
I figure mine will last a bit longer. She was delighted and I got to do a good deed!


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annjav wrote: Aren't you a sweetheart! I hope she will share some great cookies with others, thanks to your generosity. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
moral12 wrote: Gifts given with love are the best; the new baking sheets were obviously "intended" for them all along! (And, the "returns" of your love investment will be sweet! ;)
HappyDae wrote: You have a loving listening ear and a most generous heart. I know both the TV and the baking sheets will be enjoyed and each time they are in use, no doubt they will have sweet reason to think of you the kindness and love you have shown them.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Good for you for your thoughtfulness. I'm sure she will think of you often as she uses them! :)

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