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All She Needs Is A Prayer Or Two Away

--by trueblue, posted Apr 9, 2012

A friend called over yesterday to use my home phone as she had no credit on her mobile (cell.) She then began talking about having no food in her pantry as she had spent her money the week before so her daughter could go on a school trip to Sydney Zoo. 
She called a few charities to try for some food and assistance. I spent the whole morning with her trying to find a solution to some of her other worrys and driving her to pick up some food. 
My friend is also 38 weeks pregnant and has  a five year old daughter and has been finding things really tough over the past few weeks. So, each Saturday we visit garage sales where I have gotten her a pram, car seat, baby sling, bottle sterilizer, and other needed items.
Yesterday I visited the supermarket for food and took her with me, telling her to pick what she needed to make up meals for the week ahead. I am just trying to help out until some funds reached her bank. She was too embarrassed to do this at first, but I said I wasn't taking no for an answer. I was just happy knowing she would be able to feed herself, her daughter and her unborn child.
Next week I am helping her to get her licence as she has managed to find a cheap car, so she wont have to rely on me so much - not that I mind. We also called up about a house to rent as she is currently living in a shed which is really hot in summer and freezing in winter (it's winter now.) 
I've told her when the baby comes she is welcome to move into out garage and that we can make it nice and comfortable for the three of them.
My friend was quite down yesterday but I did manage to get her to smile! 
Then I dropped her home and headed off to the hospital to sit with my mum who is now resting in palative care, waiting for the angels to take her home.
I dont think  that I have done all that I can for my friend yet, but there's plenty of time and God will provide all that she needs. Really, its only a prayer or two away!

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tiffany wrote: Wow, it is wonderful to hear about all of the things you've done to help your friend. I'll pray for both of you as well as your mom! :)
cyrilsmom wrote: Who ever u r,may the lord bless u and ur fly for what u did. Nothing else to say.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Bless you for your kind heart!
Aurelia wrote: You are an Earth Angel. Your friend is surely appreciative! :)

You continue to be in m thoughts and prayers. Doing good for others is a wonderful to release stress you may have for others things happening in your life right now. Everyone wins! :)
heartofflesh wrote: In the very act of comforting you are comforted and in the same way helping blessing and reaching out.....
Life is measure by the joy one brings to others....You been wonderful.....
sabrina wrote: Bringing a smile to your friend's lips is giving you some peace when u need it most. Your friend is lucky to have someone like you to care for her. Cheers
trueblue wrote: thanks guys :-)
unknown wrote: Trueblue, you have raised hopes in the mother to find one extra moment to live for her children ... Its something powerful my friend. You are also an angel your mother IS so proud of ... She's watching all you do ... I am sure. Be blessed and well. :):)

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