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Stamps With A Smile!

--by iferlamb, posted Apr 25, 2012

I needed some stamps so I made a trip to the Post Office.
I purchased my stamps inside, and then decided to visit the automated machine to buy an additonal book to leave with a Smile card for someone to find!
Hope it makes their day and gets a big SMILE!

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Spoonerism wrote: That's a great little treat for someone to find! :-) Love it.
Bluebellgirl wrote: nice of u. I have smile cards too. Keep sharing them. :) have a great day ^-^
unknown wrote: as we leave trails of smile card here, there, everywhere, we soon will become a big HO ... A HO planet :) thanks for dropping lots of them lambie ... when I feel like holding one on my shoulders, then I will remember you ... more :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is a great idea! I am sure it will make them smile. I think the smile cards are great with these types of little surprises so that someone knows it was intentional kindness and not an accident! :)
JuneBug wrote: That certainly WOULD brighten someone's day !!! I hope they had puppies and kitties on them !!! :D
annjav wrote: Wow, that's a really cool happiness gift to find! I hope whoever found them is blessing you just half as much as I would if I'd found them! Congratulations!

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