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A Gallon Of Gas And A Gift Card

--by DriftOff2Dream, posted May 15, 2012

My husband and I have six children and things have been tight financially. 

He is a brick-mason and as a barter deal he agreed to build a sign base for a man who owns a sign company in return for a basset hound puppy. 
The job was at the front of a cemetery. As we were working beside a busy road we noticed a well dressed man walking towards us. I looked beyond him and saw his car was parked on the roadside. When he reached us he asked if we had any gas he could have. 
My husband reached into the back of the truck and handed him a gas can with a gallon or two of gas and a funnel and told him it should be enough to get him to the nearest gas station. 
The man thanked him and walked back to his car. About twenty minutes passed and we finished our work. We waited ten more minutes and the man still hadn't shown up with our gas can and funnel. 
I started to feel disappointed, not angry but really disappointed, that he hadn't brought the can back. 
We finally decided that the man must have needed the can more than we did and left. While driving down the road we saw the man pass us so we turned around and saw he had pulled into the cemetery. When he got out he handed my husband a FULL gas can along with a gift card for 25.00! 
That has really made a difference in my way of thinking. We didn't expect anything from our good deed, it just felt good to be able to help.  This ended up being a true act of kindness - to us!


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pavoor wrote: Wow. God bless you and the gentlemen
yjoshi wrote: Nice story. Bless you and your kids! You are giving a lifetime of message to your kids!
ceasons wrote: So glad your willingness to give was given in return. Bless your family and his.
Baxter wrote: You have a really big heart, to give that man a can of gas when things were so financially tight for you, and then when he didn't return right away, you did not get angry, you decided he needed it more than you! Truly, truly generous. I applaud you and your husband!
lcollver wrote: What a great example of thankfulness!

I'm encouraged to remember this for my future!
moni wrote: I always wish and pray to god to give me that much by which i am able to serve my family and needy and at the same time not attached to the glory of wealth.

U hve already achieved dt.

God bless ur family!

God bless
kimpdancer wrote: Wow! Just goes to show what a little kindness can do, huh? It's always better when you don't expect it.
Joy wrote: How wonderful to see how your gift of kindness came back to you full circle! Many blessings.
songdeva wrote: Love!
moral12 wrote: How wonderful that your faith in your fellow man was restored by the gentleman's reciprocal act of generosity. Thanks for sharing!

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