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A Gallon Of Gas And A Gift Card

My husband and I have six children and things have been tight financially.  He is a brick-mason and as a barter deal he agreed to build a sign base for a man who owns a sign company in return for a basset hound puppy.    The job was at the front of a cemetery. As we were working beside a busy road we noticed a well dressed man walking towards us. I looked beyond him and saw his car was parked on the roadside. When he reached us he asked if we had any gas he could have.    My husband reached into the back of the truck and handed him a gas can with a gallon or two of gas and a funnel and told him it should be enough to get him to the nearest gas station.    The man thanked him and walked back to his car. About twenty minutes passed and we finished ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving A Smile Card Made Me Smile!

After a morning of disapointment my husband and I decided to go out to eat a late lunch/early dinner. 
By the afternoon the morning's problems had me in tears so it was MUCH needed. We didn't talk much during our meal, but eventually we perked up a little. 
After we were done and the waitress brought our check I included a Smile card in the tip. I watched her walk to her station reading the card. She then showed the card to three or four co-workers. A few minutes later I heard one of the co-workers say, "That was an act of kindness. Now you have to pass it on." 
They seemed to really get into the spirit!
I have to confess that putting the card into the tip was not just to spread kindness but to make me feel a little better too. And, guess what! It worked both ways!

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1,2,3 Smile Cards!

Smile Story #1

Yesterday was the first day of school for my elementary school kids so I gave them each a Smile Card and explained it was to help make their teachers extra happy and and have a special first day. Since I walk my kids to school, I was able to see each them get a big hug from their new teachers after presenting the cards =)

Smile Story #2

Another smile card story that my 10 year old daughter and I performed was quite sneaky. We would wait for our neighbors, who have a young daughter, to leave the house and we would run across the street and tape a smile card to their door =)  The couple that lives there work long hours and have a 2 year old child, and I know times are tough for them, and so we thought we would try and make them smile, even if it is only for a second.

Smile Story #3

I also sent out a second letter today to my mom with a smile card and the poem "Don't Quit" anonomously. She should be getting the first one today =)

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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