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Taking the Extra Step to 'Pay-it-Forward'

--by iferlamb, posted May 8, 2012

I wanted to do a random act of kindness for my friend’s birthday, so on Friday I went to Walmart to carry out my gift to her because I think people who shop there do so to save money and could use a gift.

My gift in honor of her birthday is a birthday cake!  I selected a cupcake birthday cake for which the recipient of the gift can pick any design they wish.

My plan is for the next person who walks up to the bakery counter to purchase a cake to be told that someone has anonymously paid for their cake, and for them to then receive the receipt along with my handwritten message explaining the gift along with a Smile Card attached.

It took some doing/convincing!  I had to speak to 2 members of the management and make 2 trips to the store.  I was turned down the first time by the ladies at the bakery counter – they feared that they would be fired if they permitted me to carry out my random act of kindness.  I was very shocked that a random act of kindness could cause someone to be fired or fear being fired!  How terrible.  I just knew it couldn't be true so I called and spoke to the management at the store.

I had a nice conversation with the first manager about "Pay -it-Forward" and how fun it is for all who participate in it.  I told her what had happened to me at the bakery counter and how shocked I was that Walmart would fire an employee for assisting in an act of kindness.  I explained what it was all about and she was familiar with the Pay-it-Forward concept and had done it herself at Starbucks.  I told her I thought it was awesome, she agreed and said she would see what she could do.

She  took my number and called me back with good news!  She had checked with another member of the management and said that I would be allowed to carry out my gift.  I went back to the bakery counter at the store to the same 2 ladies.  One remembered me, one did not.  I told them I had spoken to a manager and received permission to purchase the cake as a pay-it-forward gift.  It took a little bit to get the mission accomplished but I know it will be worth it!

I hope it makes someone's birthday a little more happy to get an anonymous birthday gift!

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unknown wrote: Bluebell must be feeling special :) great lambie, you convinced the important person ... God simplified your job with her by already priming her ... great !! :):)
Bluebellgirl wrote: Bluebell is lucky to have friends like you all :)ill come with my gift too soon :D nice!
Bluebell wrote: THANK YOU deep from my heart for such a lovely ( and difficult to get ) present. I have had my collection identical situations, sometimes is tricky to be kind people think we have hidden motives. But with patience we will soon have a world full of kindness. Once again thank you for my present. Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
Aurelia wrote: Fantastic Idea!!!! I love how persistent you were to get your Act of Kindness to work! :0) This is a Yummy way to celebrate !!!! thanks for sharing it with us!
magsue wrote: That's very nice of you and I admire your persistwnce. I'm shocked too that people turned down a random act of kindness.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a "sweet" idea! You are such a kind heart and an inspiration to us all! :)

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