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Call The Boss

--by caroline.s.king, posted Nov 14, 2013
I had a  conversation with my cell phone company yesterday. 
The person I spoke to was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and was able to answer all of my questions about various plans. At first, I just thought, 'Good! They know how to do their job.' But then I though about it some more and today I called his boss.  
At first I think the woman was expecting me to complain but I said I just wanted to tell her how pleased I was with the quality of the service I received. The relieved manager told me no one ever calls to say they have done a good job, so I was glad I did!  
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CaringHands wrote: God bless you! Do more!
kristinlaustin wrote: Caroline - almost no-one does this anymore and it has the capacity to make such a massive positive impact in people's lives. It makes me happy just thinking about how thrilled that person would have been to have received your comments. And you never know, it might have been the only bright moment of his day. Thanks for sharing.
dmccullough1957 wrote: Yeah! Does that not just make you feel good - i hope the manager passes that on to the worker!
slyounkin1 wrote: Thanks for a great story about how the small things can make a difference
mary6 wrote: I think taking the time to let someone know that they were pleased with a job performance or service they received is one of the most potent forms of kindness because it radiates beyond that person and ripples along. I try to do the same thing and you can see people just light up.
Ben wrote: I am to glad to hear you did that. I delight in doing things like this too. I'm pretty sure it does more for me than the person i acknowledged.
Thank you.
gbmeyer wrote: I do this too! It's so easy, and i hope it gives some customer service people a good feeling.
They have a tough job sometimes.
PinkPrincess wrote: Wow same happened to me, i had called at&t cell phone customer service, around 4 times, because they would hang up on me or did not want to address my issue.
Finally i got a lady, who made sure she resolved my problem, after it we were done i asked her to put me through with her supervisor and let her know the awesome customer service representative she is.
jabp wrote: Nice! I love giving the unexpected!
Ammi wrote: Simple and so powerful. I will do this too.

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