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World Kindness Week Day 3- A 100 Days Of Kindness

--by clover, posted Nov 15, 2012

Yesterday I made a decision to do an act of kindness every day for 100 days and write it on a chart.  It can be something really small.  No sooner had I made my decision than an opportunity came along.

I saw a little girl lose the ribbon from her hair.  He mum didn't notice.  I ran over, picked it up and went running after them.  I gave the mum the ribbon and she gave me something - a lovely smile.

I think it will be fun looking for opportunities to be kind.

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thaata wrote: You are full of pure love for your thoughts are filled with finding opportunities to help others. Great.
Rajni Gohil wrote: Positive thinking always helps. Yesterday boy determined to do kindness for next 100 days and he got it.

jsmc10 wrote: Wow! Sounds so good! I would like to do this at some point in the future :)
Sarah wrote: I think what you are doing is great. You've inspired me to be more kind.
peanut wrote: Awesome,great idea have fun,kindness is appreciated.
Shines62 wrote: Today was a great day. I decided that no matter what. If i smile that would make one person smile back. That is a start. :)
dr.bbalnarayana wrote: A good act,
Getting smile as response
Is a sign of feeling pleasure
Continue for others 99 days
God blesses you
Peg Hastings wrote: I discovered one of the easiest things to do is simply to call people by name when thanking them. Most people you encounter providing service wear a name tag. A simple, sincere "thank you" followed by their name always results in a sweet moment of surprise, followed by a big smile. Then we both feel good!
barbara wrote: Great idea!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome that you are doing that! Every kind act matters, no matter how simple or hard, big or small. Thanks for spreading smiles in your area of the world my friend! :)

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