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$3 And A Smile

--by joesmith, posted Nov 23, 2012

I always carry at least $3 in my car and also in my pocket. I save it for the first person who asks if I can "spare some change". Smiling and maintaining eye contact, I always respond very cheerfully with a comment like, "Yes, I would love to" or, "It would be my pleasure". And I give them the $3. 

Then I replace it with my next $3 for the next person. I never spend this money myself. I honor the idea that it is the possession of the next person who asks for it. Three dollars is a small amount, yet it means a lot to the person who might only expect 25 cents, especially when delivered with respect.
I have also taken to carrying items I think the needy may be able to use. I carry hats, socks, gloves, and an umbrella. Recently I put together some care packages for the homeless. It occurred to me that things like band-aids, toothpaste, aspirin, combs, as well as food would be of use. I imagined that they would need things to be non-breakable, so I chose plastic or paper containers. The folks who received them were delighted.
But I think it's not just that I give them things that matters. It's that I see them for the beautiful ray of lights that they are. I know that they are unique expressions of the Divine and that this is how they are at the current time, not who they are. I am glad to also give a hug and a smile with the money. And I always remember it is they who bless me with the opportunity to be kind! 
In fact, yesterday a young lady to whom I gave the three dollars and a hat, asked if I could use a spare pair of gloves she had! So I accepted them for the next person who needs them. I was so touched that she wanted to give me something. She gave me more than she guessed!


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Peace wrote: I really appreciate your kindness. I will learn from you. Thank you!
thaata wrote: It is nice of you to carry items which may be useful to others. Others are in your thought which matters. God bless you.
jsmc10 wrote: This is so amazing, the idea that those $3 aren't yours but the next person who needs it is such a great idea, thanks for sharing :)
sandy wrote: Giving goods and food is a wonderful idea and i love the personlaness
Luben Kumar wrote: "i tell you the truth,whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine,you did for me"(bible). Amen!
Jan wrote: Thank you for the wonderful ideas. I have started packing 3-4 lunches when i leave the house and pass them out to the homeless. , i love having some new ideas for things to give.
starryskies wrote: So beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing and for being you! :)
touching wrote: This was a really good story about caring for the others.
dr.bbalnarayana wrote: Dear joesmith
It infact a pleasure for me to go through your kindness
God helps them who help others, kindly remain the same
Let others do trigger of your move and follow the corresponding line
denisemj wrote: How thoughtful fo you to care about the homeless. Thank you for caring & sharing :)

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