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A Man Without Shoes

--by mssmileyface, posted Jan 12, 2013

Today, as I was riding a transit bus from Unicity to downtown, I did not realize that I would be a witness to something amazing.

The ride was, as usual, long and uneventful, until we reached the corner of Portage and Main Street. That's when the driver pulled over. This, of course, surprised all of the passengers on the bus. But, what happened next still brings tears to my eyes.

The bus driver jumped off the bus to chat with a man that looked to be down on his luck; by all accounts, a homeless man. I first thought the driver was going to offer the man a ride until our driver took off his own shoes and gave them to the man on the sidewalk.

That is when I realized that the man the driver was chatting with was barefoot. The bus was dead silent. I think we were all stunned and speechless. As we proceeded to our next stop, one of the passengers got up to speak to the driver.

"That was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. Why did you do that?"

"I just couldn't stand the thought of that poor man walking without shoes," the bus driver answered.

Wow. No judgment. It was just, "Here buddy, you need these more than I do."

There wasn't a dry eye on the bus. All the passengers were moved by this bold and selfless gesture.

Now, a homeless man will have shoes for his feet because of a bus driver's random act of kindness.

Not bad for a Tuesday morning in downtown Winnipeg.


[From a post on Community News Commons by Denise Campbell. Re-posted on Winnipeg Free Press.]

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roja wrote: He was a wonderful person and very kind hearted. Thank you for sharing.
Irah Mariey Sitchon wrote: Nice one! I hope many people will act the same with the driver
Smile wrote: How good the man did! I am so happy to know that there are many good people in our would. Can you imange how happy i was when i help a old woman to find the fruit shop,it was my first time to help a people who need help! So,let`s help more people as much as we can!
minatalon wrote: What a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing it.
chefdaddy1 wrote: Great job!
zumaone wrote: I love it! My hats off to this amazing bus driver!
jaederque wrote: Holy cow that inspires me. I feel like doing a happy dance. I am really going to try to be more about doing kind, good deeds and less talk about doing them. Merci beaucoup!
lcmiddlesworth wrote: Bless that bus driver. It simply amazes me, the kindness we are all capable of.
ruchika wrote: Certainly a beautiful, unconditional love and a lesson that you don't need to know anyone to help. Simply humble and touching!
buglips wrote: Oh my gosh! I've been to winnipeg in january and it can get really cold! That man must have been really touched.

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