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A Pen With A Smile

--by Kat Callaway, posted Jul 29, 2006
I recently went to the bank to cash a check that I had. I really didn't want to go, but I knew that I had to so I decided that I would make the trip to the bank worthwhile and fun!

I grabbed this smiley pen that I had been saving and smile card and I attached it to the pen along with a post it note that said "Keep the pen, smile, and pass on the card!"

When I got my money out of the tube that the bank sends back and forth, I slipped in the pen and cards, so that the next person that came to cash their check, would get more than just money...they would get a bank smile!
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Readers Comments

speedi wrote: what a wonderful idea!Iknow the number of times I have reached for a pen with no luck,,,,Thanks for sharing
Ren wrote: what a cool idea! Im gonna try to think of other places where people need pens...
kinjal wrote: that was an extremely cute idea, it made me smile
Olakunle Abiodun wrote: this is a great deal, you made my weekend.
pappu wrote: WOW! what a idea!
you made me smile too!

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