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Give, Receive, Pay-It-Forward :)

--by kidzfirst, posted Aug 2, 2013
Any other year, my acts of kindness would have come with the hope of someone acknowledging them or saying thank you.

I'm big on "Thank you's". My kids have written their own since the age of three for any gift they receive. I love thanking others-- acknowledging coaches, teachers, and anyone who does something nice.

I guess it's because I always had looked for that thank you in return.
This year has been different.

Maybe age has made me wiser. Maybe it's softened me. Part of it is this website. Since joining this site in January, I've done acts of kindness in a more mysterious, secretive way, without expecting a "Thank you" of any kind and finding comfort and peace in that. :)

When I did my 46 not-so-random acts of kindness for my birthday this month, I did so with the intent of not receiving any comments, "Thank you", or feedback. The next day I was quite content just knowing that I'd touched more than 40 people, even though I didn't see much of it happen, nor would I know how those people felt or reacted.

Then it happened - people started reaching out and thanking me.
  • The friend I had sent a card to thank her for watching my daughter the year I returned to work, emailed to say what a pleasure it was to have girl time with my daughter (she's a mom of 3 boys!).

    The mom of my childhood best friend emailed to say that she was brought to tears by my card, which had thanked her for being a support when I was younger. She told me it made her happy to know her daughter and I were still friends.

    My distant cousin emailed this week to thank me for her card. She is due with her second child in just a few weeks and on a roller coaster of emotions. She was thankful of the reminder to enjoy her time home with her soon-to-be two kids.

    The mom of our neighbor with colitis pain emailed me to say thank you for thinking about her son.

    One of my daughters’ coaches thanked me for the gift card and note and said his family already used the gift card to enjoy some ice cream.  He seemed very touched by the act itself.

    Received an email thank you from a colleague for the e-card I had sent to congratulate her on her National Board Certification.  I think she enjoyed reliving her accomplishment since it happened a month ago.  ;)
While I wasn't looking for any response from anyone, it was great to get these unexpected emails……boy, do I love the invention of email – what a great way to keep in touch!!  While it was great to do the original act of kindness, it was even nicer to have the additional contact with the recipients of my acts, who were reflecting on the nice things they had done to deserve my thank you.

Yes – it's better to give than receive, but in this case, it was nice to receive the feedback.  Maybe these same people will one day pay-it-forward and tell someone else how s/he touched their lives.
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cabbage wrote: It all comes around in a beautiful circle! That is awesome that you are doing acts "in secret" without thinking about what happens afterwards.
LindaG1953 wrote: Wow! What a great letter. You are a awesome young woman with a big heart. You are right about it's better to give than receive. Your rewards are far more greater and some where in life they all come back to you some where in life. You display such great acts of such kindness. Amazing woman. I wish you lived near me. I wish you and amazing and beautiful week end to a wonderful woman. You are very special and sweet and caring about others. Enjoy your day! Smile you are blessed by a gift!
bubblehugfairy wrote: Being a catalyst, a creator of ripples is a wonderful gift. Pay it forward! Hug from my heart to yours!
Jo Ann wrote: God bless you! Isn't it amazing how wonderful it makes you feel when you do something for others without expecting anything in return. You are a living example of what christ would do!
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DaVinci PHARAOH wrote: Your wonderful story warmed and touched my herat and that of my family. Keep up the good work.
Nahluwa wrote: I think this is awesome! This is an example to be followed. Thank you for writing this!

I should do the same. 46 acts of kindness! Blessings to you!
Gabster107 wrote: Great
jabp wrote: Thanks to this story and 46 acts of. I've decided beginning today, to send birthday wishes to everyone of my facebook friends who appear on the weekly list. . Not just some, or the ones i really stay in contact with. Without any expectations. Hugs and :) 's!
Rash wrote: Thanks for sharing. Great job for 46 acts of kindness.

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