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--by bwawili, posted Aug 22, 2013
Inspired by stories of Miles of Smiles, a group of us decided to celebrate several birthdays by spreading smiles on a busy intersection.

The community on this website has been so vital in nourishing our hearts, that it seems apt to share posters and heart-shaped notes we placed under car windshields! :)

In case you and a group of friends are inspired to take over a street corner, there is no copyright on these posters. After all, how can you copyright a smile poster? :-) Just not possible!
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roja wrote: :) fantastic. Keep smiling
Cynthia wrote: I will post these in my preschool/kindergarten. Thanks for the idea!
shadedragon wrote: Such an incredible idea and beautiful design! Inspires me to celebrate my first day of college with something like this :d
Pamela wrote: I love these. My favorite it the tear off. I'd love to try this and see how many people would actually take one, because they wanted one for themselves or to share.
denisemj wrote: What a wonderful way to spread smiles! Thanks for caring and sharing :)
deb_sv wrote: What a gorgeous idea. And such creative, colorful and beautiful manifestations. I will definitely send this on, within love and joy. Becoming part of the wave of smiles spreading outward. Thanks so much for this opportunity - it's these small gifts to each other that truly makes such a difference. Deb
klisar wrote: Love this! Love the take a smile poster. I'll be posting that one on public boards at work and around my community! Thank you so much for sharing these.
debj wrote: :o) love this!
Wolfskin2000 wrote: I love this! Perhaps I can spread some of these notes (the 'take a Smiley' for example) in our University building. Guerrilla-style!
heartofflesh wrote: smiling reading this..

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