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Hotel Door Tag!

Couple of weeks ago, few friends and I had an opportunity to attend a dear friend’s wedding in New York. After the wedding and reception, rather serendipitously four of us gathered in a hotel room and began to explore the deeper meaning of life and death. What does it mean to live authentically? If we are all getting closer to death, is all the material accumulation worth it? Not exactly the type of conversations one has at a wedding. ☺ While the answers varied from person to person, I was left with more questions than answers and a feeling of gratefulness to be surrounded by friends who were asking the ‘right’ questions. As the clock kept ticking past 3 am, one of the roommates suggested we watch a short film titled, “Last Days of Zach Sobiech.” The premise of the film is about a teenager’s journey through the last days of ... Read Full Story >>

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Posters from Smile Junction

Inspired by stories of Miles of Smiles, a group of us decided to celebrate several birthdays by spreading smiles on a busy intersection. The community on this website has been so vital in nourishing our hearts, that it seems apt to share posters and heart-shaped notes we placed under car windshields! :) In case you and a group of friends are inspired to take over a street corner, there is no copyright on these posters. After all, how can you copyright a smile poster? :-) Just not possible! ... Read Full Story >>

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The Journey of a Spanish Smile Card

At 2:00am this past Friday morning, I received a text message from a friend, asking if I had any Smile Cards in Spanish. I immediately replied back saying I didn’t have any smile cards in Spanish. However, I also asked her why she wanted them specifically in Spanish and if smile cards in English would be acceptable. To my surprise, she said she had been one of the few selected by her high-school to go on a service trip to Nicaragua. She was going to spend four weeks in the villages teaching English to children & teens between the ages of five and eighteen. She wanted to share the concept of Smile Cards and kindness. By now, I was totally rocked and excited with hearing the news! :) So I decided to stop texting and call her to get more information about her service trip and ask when she was leaving for ... Read Full Story >>

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Waking Up to Cookies on My Car

Yesterday around 9:30 am, as I was going towards my car, I noticed something box like on my windshield. At first I thought I may have gotten a ticket from the cops, but as I approached closer, there was a box of delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies and a smile card! Thank you anonymous angel! Later in the day, I had to make a run to my local library to pay off some overdue fines and pick up a book that I had on hold. I decided to keep few cookies for my parents to enjoy, and took the rest for the volunteers and staff at the library. I approached the clerk at the counter to hand them the box of cookies. "A small gift and token of appreciation for the staff and volunteers. Would you mind putting them in the break room?" I asked. She replied, "Oh wow! Thank you! Why don't you at least ... Read Full Story >>

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