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healthy alternative

--by kundavai, posted Sep 17, 2006
I usually crave a sugar rush in the middle of the afternoon at work. And the alternatives are not always healthy . Its either a candy bar, soda or coffee. I wish we had more healthy alternatives.  So decided to go ahead and make it happen. I left a single serving size pack of Soy milk right next to the soda vending machine at work a couple of days back, then a fruit - and helped someone stay away from soda/candy they did not really need :)
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richard wrote: It was about eight o'clock on Monday morning in the busy country town where I live. I was driving to work, stationary at a "roundabout", waiting for my turn to go - as you do.

Out of the blue there is a mild 'bang' and my car lurches forward..... Shit!I've been hit from behind!!

This was not part of my plan! .... you see, I had a mild case of Mondayitis - just a bit grumpy, as we all sometimes are... but then I thought...what's happening to this person in the car behind me who just caused a crash??....he has only just then made a mistake, he's in trouble, trouble for which he will have to pay....and no doubt he presumes I'm mad at him for running into my (late model) car!!!

Unbeknowns to him, these (selfish considerations)are the last things on my mind.....

As I drive into the roundabout I see him following me in an obedient fashion, accepting as he does his obligations (both moral and legal) to stop on the other side and exchange details etc....

As I slowly drive through the roundabout and into the street ahead I watch the offending car sensibly following me, expecting me to stop up ahead, afraid no doubt at the possibility of anger on my part.

Instead of pulling over, what did I do?

I just keep on going to work. I just cruised on down Conway street like nothing had didn't matter...I just drove on...I prefer that he/she just goes on their way too - with uncomplicated goodwill, with known benefit to another, with loving kindness, and with space too... hooray!

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