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Lunch in Walnut Creek

--by soulsista, posted Sep 25, 2006
I have been meaning to post this story for the past few weeks--my husband and I were in Walnut Creek to run errands.  We decided to stop off at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch; we asked to eat on the patio.  It just so happened that across from us, on the other side of the glass (in the restaurant) two women had just sat down for lunch. 

One woman was visibly upset and repeatedly left in tears.  I decided that she would be a perfect candidate for a tag--it was kind of difficult to tag her without her noticing as she was sitting directly across from us but luckily we had the same waitress.  When we told our waitress what we wanted to do, she broke in a huge smile and said that she was happy to accomodate.

I just happened to have a smile card on me--we had our waitress tag her.  It was the best feeling and a new experience for my husband who is now addicted to the feeling.  Hopefully, this made her day a little better! :)
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