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Kindness with my Son

--by Karen, posted Sep 22, 2006
Hello. I'd like to share a bit of kindness and the use of the Smile Cards my son who is 12 got to witness and be part of.

My son and I went out to eat and there was this table of older ladies (like their once a month get together--they must have been into their
70's or more and dressed up) next to us. Well, when my son and I were leaving, I decided to do something good. I told the guy at the counter that I wanted to pay for those ladies meals. He looked at me funny. Asked me if I knew them. Nope--I certainly don't. He looked at me again, asked again and again I said nope. Don't tell them I'm doing this, just give them this "smile" card.

He said "not so many people so generous now a days" So, I paid for their meals (a whopping 20 bucks) and me and my son left.Then he asked me to see the card we left--and he wants some.
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Doris wrote: Wonderful story! Reminds me of my daugther,,she goes to a nursing home gets permission and takes one resident out to eat,,a treat for them and a joy for her,,,one day your son will be writing his stories here as well..
Jody McGinnis wrote: This is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it.
Donna wrote: What a great thing to do. Making others smile often costs nexts to nothing... I can spend $20 without even blinking... but look at the results. You have changed your world... you have influenced your son in such a positive way... and you made each of those ladies feel like "Queen for the Day." God bless you!

p.s. I have no doubt that one of these days, we'll be reading stories about the good things your son does!!!

Clyde wrote: Naturally, as parents we should lead by example and you've shown your son how easy it can be to kind to others. My high five goes out to you.
Amanda wrote: Such a great inspiring!
Lorrine wrote: This story reminds me of something that happened earlier today. In the foodstore, a little boy asked me for 50c to help him buy something and at first I was going to give it to him but I saw that he had $10 in his hand and figured he had sufficient funds. I've become extra cautious about children and adults running scams and this has hampered my giving. This story has encouraged me to be a little more trusting of people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

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