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Balloon On A Kindness Journey

--by jsmc10, posted Nov 6, 2013
I finally did it! I am so happy! 

I've had this idea for a while but I didn't have the guts to actually go through with it - until today.

I bought 10 helium filled balloons, drew a smiley face and wrote the date they were released on each them. I had set up another e-mail account for the project. I wrote the e-mail address on Smile Card and attached them to the balloons.

Then I took them outside and released them into the air. I hope to get some awesome stories back in return.
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Tim wrote: Nice idea, but this kills various sea life that swallow the balloons and starve to death. Seals, fish, dolphins, turtles, etc. Have suffered agonizing deaths due to mylar balloons landing in the ocean nad being mistaken for food.
103570 wrote: Aah, that's wonderful, i love it! I hope you will get a positive respons, good luck witch your project ♡
kendallrhea wrote: What a great idea!
joanntaylor333 wrote: I remember releasing balloons as a child and enjoying it. I do hope people find them and contact you.

I would like to point anyone who is considering releasing balloons to visit balloonsblow. Org and read about the environmental impact they can have. Releasing balloons is now illegal in several states because of it. I understand no one here is intentionally harming anyone or anything and i hope no one is offended by my post as it is not intended that way. Peace.
princessliz wrote: Wow! This is awesome! What a great idea! I love it! :)
Hope you get positive feed back soon.
Dobby wrote: I hope those who find them will respond! It would be so interesting!
jsmc10 wrote: It really would be, I'm so pleased that I done it :) oh and 10 balloons because 10 is my favourite/lucky number :)
Mish wrote: You are burning with wonderful creativity jsmc.
Wish I lived near you so I might catch one of your balloons! :)))

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