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One Hundred Kind Acts

--by KitKat, posted Sep 21, 2006

Okay, I have been working really hard on this project, and as of 15 minutes ago, I finished it!

I work on the college newspaper, and this last week was assigned to do a column. I decided to write over Random Acts of Kindness, but got to thinking and wrote about a whole lot more than that!

This Monday, the newspaper will be handed out to students all around campus! I wrote challenging everyone on campus to do RAK. I gave my e-mail address so they could get some cards from me and whatever. I set the goal at 100 acts before the end of the year! I started a blog so that they can post their stories and we can keep track of how many people are using the cards! I also gave the helpothers web address!

I hope that this project takes off! We will find out this Monday, that is when the paper comes out!

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LeAnn Weiss wrote: Great job, KitKat! I'm an inspirational author and would really be interested in interviewing you for a book I'm writing. You can contact me at I write the Hugs series books.
reshma wrote: thats wonderful..we would be looking forward to reading all the 100 random acts of kindness from the students.. keep the good work rolling.
All the best
reshma wrote: What is the blog address. So that we can keep a track and implement some in our lives as well.
Donna wrote: Yes... please share your blog address with us - I would love to read all the great things the students are doing!

What a great idea for an article!
mehwish wrote: i m just new here but i must say that its really interesting and wonderful simply admirable
andy wrote: it is a wonderful thing to give to people but what a great thing it is to give to someone who really needs it. I believe that this person did a hell of a lot for people she did not even know. I think she deserved an act of kindness.
Michael Sekoni wrote: The fundamental system of governance was God's intension for creating man i.e The system where the people render there purposes free and benefit the usefulness of others. food,shelter,clothing & all social amenities owned & given to its people free.

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