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The Honest Roofer

--by Dobby, posted Nov 9, 2013
The man who is going to fix our roof has to be the most honest business person my husband and I have ever met. 

My husband knew the back roof over the porch was fine and wanted to see what this roofer said when he gave his estimate. He told my husband that that back roof was just fine and then gave the estimate for the rest of the roof: $2,400.

He called last night to tell us he can do the roof on Monday but told us he had measured the roof incorrectly by forgetting to add on the front part of the roof. But instead of giving us a new estimate (which would be higher) he told us he was going to do the roof for what he quoted us. 

My husband asked him what would the correct estimate have been. He said $3,000. Well, that's what I had thought it would be so that's what I set aside. My husband was simply amazed at this roofer.

The roofer doesn't know it yet but he'll be getting the $3,000. He's honest and is planning on taking the hit on the mistake. My boss has been kind to me when I've made mistakes in the past and now I get a chance to pass that on.
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LaughingFox wrote: That's great! Honesty & good deeds should be rewarded. Bless you for your kindness, especially in an economy where the extra money might help his family tremendously.
beetoote wrote: Ahh, honor and respect for you three.
revmindy wrote: Thanks for sharing that. You three are a circle of kindness. You all are an example of how beautiful life can be when we live from our heart.
debbe530 wrote: What a great way to do business and a kind act on your part for his honesty. I bet you will give him very good referrals.
cwh1 wrote: What a great story - to know that there are honest people in this world who maintain high ethical standards for themselves and serve (though they may not care about this aspect) as models for the rest of us. And how kind of you to decide to pay the full amount. Sounds like not doing so would not sit right with you, a reflection of your own personal standards. Kudos all around.
kmonica wrote: Fantastic! How delightful for all concerned. Especially as so often these hard working folks are not treated well. Thanks from me too!
joyce.chew1 wrote: Kindness begets kindness. Your roofer's honesty has inspired you to pay him his due wage. Three cheers to you and him! :)
tana.langdeaux wrote: It is awesome that you are being so generous. These smile acts of kindness can brighten everyone's day.
rik0057 wrote: The roofer and you and your husband are all good people and deserve the kindness you gave one another. It will likely continue being paid forward and at double speed!
janmarieburns wrote: Very touching. I am sure the roofer can use the money and will be so grateful. How awesome you both are!

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