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Smile Stones, Mile Stones

--by singlestep, posted Jun 9, 2008

Here's an idea that brings lots of smiles-- go to your neighborhood crafts store (I went to Michael's), pick up some polished colored stones, hand-draw some smiles, and leave those smile-stones with the following poem at coffee shop tables or just about any public venue.

Look a Smile Stone straight in the eye and you'll smile back not knowing why

It's something about their lopsided grins, their lack of noses and of chins

A twinkling something that's not-quite-art touches your heart

Like snowflakes and fingerprints no two are the same

But why? You ask- What's the point of this game?

Somebody's hand drew those smiles for you

To find and to keep and to give away too

For when the smile fades from the stone

Then you'll find it within

And this is where you get to begin

To share that smile where there's a lack

All you'll need is a pen

(Permanent. Black)

To draw a new smile in place of the old

And send it off on its way

to places untold

Smilestone milestones

Marking the way

We each can reach out


Make Someone's Day.

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Readers Comments

Victoria Carlton wrote: This is such a great idea- we will start this today at my education centre!
Jeanne deMontluzin wrote: I reside on the outskirts of madrid, spain. I also make smiley stones , but i place them in individual tiny plastic bags along with a special saying about smiles. And i do them in both languages.
Since i volunteer in 2 major hospitals in madrid with oncology patients, (both adults and kids), the demand is quite high. The simple act of giving them something "to hold onto" does wonders.
I am so glad to see that others are doing something similar. A simple smiley stone makes the receiver feel not so alone.
Have a g-r-e-a-t day one and all.
Besitos, jeanne
Ashima wrote: Love the idea! :)
I would go and buy these stones soon. I got my first smile card recently. Still looking at how to use it!

Can i publish this poem on my blog on volunteering: www. Volunteerweekly. Org?
Tesha wrote: Love this! This will be great for my brownies troop. They will love making them, and sharing them with others. Thanks!
bjorose wrote: I like this idea. Thank you.
Sandy wrote: Love it. My students will make these
Sonni wrote: Love it! Will definitely try this. :-)
sheetal wrote: Awesome. Definitely going to try this one out. Great poem!
erinvictoria wrote: What a great idea! I just found this website and my mind is starting to flow with creative ideas now. This one is too cute not to share. Thanks!
Aaryan wrote: It's a great idea to share with anybody.

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