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Smile Stones, Mile Stones

Here's an idea that brings lots of smiles-- go to your neighborhood crafts store (I went to Michael's), pick up some polished colored stones, hand-draw some smiles, and leave those smile-stones with the following poem at coffee shop tables or just about any public venue. Look a Smile Stone straight in the eye and you'll smile back not knowing why It's something about their lopsided grins, their lack of noses and of chins A twinkling something that's not-quite-art touches your heart Like snowflakes and fingerprints no two are the same But why? You ask- What's the point of this game? Somebody's hand drew those smiles for you To find and to keep and to give away too For when the smile fades from the stone Then you'll find it within And this is where you get to begin To share that smile where there's a lack All ... Read Full Story >>

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Three Important Things

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind. - Henry James Less than a snowball's chance in Madurai- the heart that encounters Unexpected Kindness in the world. And today I want to talk about Kindness. The way it follows you around the world. Wakes you up in the middle of a long train ride in an unfamiliar country to gently ask if you’d like some tea and when you say yes- makes it for you with such grave sincerity that you can’t help but wonder what makes some people so- decent. He doesn’t ask your name or where you’re going. But he hands you the cup steaming fragrance with careful, courteous hands. And then returns to his seat with dark beard and quiet eyes and you know you will never see him again. And you ... Read Full Story >>

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Penpa Tanging with Neha

Neha is the recently-turned-eight year old across the street. Every encounter with her is an Edifying Experience. A few mornings ago she skipped over with her grandmother and our share of homemade Divali sweets. I was en route with basket in hand to our back yard to gather the morning flowers- “Pavithrakka can I also come? I am loving flow-ers very much,” says Neha in her fun, formal, not always grammatically correct but unfailing confident English. Of course I say and we head towards the Coral Jasmine tree out back- a tall slender trunked tree that rains white fragrant blossoms with bright orange stalks on the grass during the nights all year round- but in the monsoon season when it rains it pours and the grass and the ground beneath the tree is literally carpeted in white and orange – blossoms that can be picked up by the careful-not-to-crush fistful. ... Read Full Story >>

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