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The Healing Effects of Crocheting

--by songdeva, posted Nov 2, 2006
I gave envelopes with smile stones twice this week; For the first, I asked a cashier to pass it to the person after me in line after I left. I gave the second one at the drive-thru window for the guy working there who seemed stressed.

This morning I finished a 'Healing Shawl' that I made for a friend who lost her mom among other tough luck this fall.  That won't be anonymous but it's still a beautiful thing.  I learned to crochet by making this shawl.  It's enormous, LOL  Each stitch has love and prayers for healing sewn in, it just has a lovely energy.  And I learned so much (not just crochet) and received so much by making it.  I recommend it to every one.
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