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A Reflection of Hope

--by angeleyes123, posted Nov 1, 2006
On Thursday, I was in the town when I met a young homless guy. He looked so cold and ill - he was begging for money. I said I would not give him money but I would take him for food. He asked, "Will you come with me?" I said "Yes."

We went to a local coffee shop where he had hot food and we talked. He told me his name was Steven. He had had a bad drug habit and was trying to get his life back. He dropped out of school and moved from his home town because of peer pressure. He knew if he stayed he would be back on drugs. I said I will help him find somwhere to stay and we set off but before that I took him to the charity shop and bought him a warm jacket. I wanted to take him to a store but he wouldn't let me. 

I took him to a center for recovering drug addicts and they also have a hostel. I know the people who run it. As I was leaving, I gave Steven my phone number and said if he needed me I  would be there for him. I gave him a hug - he cried and said God sent me to him and that I was the first person for a long time that had shown him love and respsect. His parents had disowned him. I pray God will keep Steven safe and off drugs. Please will the group pray for Steven also? God keep you all safe.
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Lulu wrote: That was so kind of you, and its sad how so many people regard homeless people as discusting people who got where they are through lazyness or bumming around, etc. Peope never know though, people never know how and why it happened, just so ready to judge.

You were so nice to him, I truly hope he makes it in the world.
nebhuchad wrote: Dear Friend,

Thank you for your courage to spend a few moments with Steven. It will surely make a difference in his life. Yes, I agree with him that you are his angel sent by God to help him. God bless you for your kindness.

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