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Another Reflection of Hope

You may remember my story of Stephen, the homeless guy.  I decided to  take a walk up to the hostel to see if he was ok. I spoke to my friend who works there and she said, "Well Angel, how are you?" I said "Angel?" She said "Yes, Stephen said he met an angel from God." I laughed and asked if he was in. She said he was out looking for work. That really made me stop. I gave her some money and asked if she could give it to Stephen so he could phone me. Later that night, he phoned me. He asked if he could meet me. I arranged to meet him at the coffee shop again.  Wow, what a difference! He was clean, had a smile on his face, shoulders back facing the world. He gave me a hug and called me angel. I said, "You know ... Read Full Story >>

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A Reflection of Hope

On Thursday, I was in the town when I met a young homless guy. He looked so cold and ill - he was begging for money. I said I would not give him money but I would take him for food. He asked, "Will you come with me?" I said "Yes." We went to a local coffee shop where he had hot food and we talked. He told me his name was Steven. He had had a bad drug habit and was trying to get his life back. He dropped out of school and moved from his home town because of peer pressure. He knew if he stayed he would be back on drugs. I said I will help him find somwhere to stay and we set off but before that I took him to the charity shop and bought him a warm jacket. I wanted to take him to a ... Read Full Story >>

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