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Another Reflection of Hope

--by angeleyes123, posted Nov 3, 2006
You may remember my story of Stephen, the homeless guy.  I decided to  take a walk up to the hostel to see if he was ok. I spoke to my friend who works there and she said, "Well Angel, how are you?" I said "Angel?" She said "Yes, Stephen said he met an angel from God." I laughed and asked if he was in. She said he was out looking for work. That really made me stop. I gave her some money and asked if she could give it to Stephen so he could phone me.

Later that night, he phoned me. He asked if he could meet me. I arranged to meet him at the coffee shop again.  Wow, what a difference! He was clean, had a smile on his face, shoulders back facing the world. He gave me a hug and called me angel. I said, "You know my name." He said, "No, from now on you will be known as Angel. I believe God sent you to me. He sends his angels to care for people". Stephen said he would buy the coffees but the money I had left for him will be repaid a  million times over.

Do you know the thing I noticed the most in that coffee shop? People were not staring at us like the last time because as far as they were concerned, Stephen  looked like evryone else. I was  happy to see him no matter what he looked like. He is still searching for work but has now registered and will get some money. We have a regular date for coffee.
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