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Hotel Door Tag!

--by bwawili, posted Jan 17, 2014
Couple of weeks ago, few friends and I had an opportunity to attend a dear friend’s wedding in New York. After the wedding and reception, rather serendipitously four of us gathered in a hotel room and began to explore the deeper meaning of life and death. What does it mean to live authentically? If we are all getting closer to death, is all the material accumulation worth it? Not exactly the type of conversations one has at a wedding. ☺ While the answers varied from person to person, I was left with more questions than answers and a feeling of gratefulness to be surrounded by friends who were asking the ‘right’ questions.

As the clock kept ticking past 3 am, one of the roommates suggested we watch a short film titled, “Last Days of Zach Sobiech.” The premise of the film is about a teenager’s journey through the last days of his terminal illness. The film brought up a lot of mixed emotions but one quote that stood out for me was Zach’s simple explanation of happiness, “what makes one happy is seeing someone else smile because you put it there.”

By 4 am, there was this bubbling energy in the room that had to be shared! With a few packages of post it notes and sharpies, we hit the halls of the hotel. We decided to leave short inspirational words on guests doors, so when they open their doors few hours later a smile would emerge. ☺ We ended up tagging all the doors until we ran out of post-it notes. The door of the newlyweds aptly said, "where there is love, there is life." ☺

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Thaata wrote: When we are in right company our goodness comes to life and energizes us to do kind acts. Nice action. Thjanks.
Erika Rae wrote: What a fabulous way to spend the wee hours of the morning! I love hearing that zach sobiech's story inspired you. I have several connections to his family, having grown up in the same hometown & having gone to high school with zach's mom. I went to a fundraiser concert where zach & his band performed, including his goodbye-song "clouds. " i feel very blessed to have been there, & i will always remember the love & spirit in the crowd that night as we all sang along. Thanks for sharing your own love on all those post-it notes!
MegM wrote: Zach lived about five miles from me. He was an amazing person and has left so many messages of hope and joy for all who follow him. I love what you and your friends did - thanks for sharing your story.
Harish wrote: It could also say, "where there is love, there will be life. "
I am amazed at the amount of literature floating around on the internet that is so wholesome and spiritual and yet life for most people seems to be getting harder and people on an average, getting more self centered. As george carlin said this is the age of big homes and small minds.
Does the holistic and spiritual internet literature need to be targeted differently?
Note i said spiritual, and not religious because i believe that religion is spirituality packaged by an hr manager! Lots of rules and regulations and dos and don't s.
Harish wrote: Cey 92 that he was totally focused on getting a job done when writing his note that he just went to asking for help.
Seems to me the youngsters may attend depending on the type and gravity of the current situation.
IhanaElama wrote: Good conversations with friends often inspire to do something good and creative. I bet the newlyweds remember this surprise for the rest of their lives as part of their lovely wedding. Great idea! :)
kaya63 wrote: Great idea!!! Thank you!
Mish wrote: Energy is always made better with kindness. Great post! Thank you for sharing this.
cey92 wrote: Lovely idea :) Just wondering how you got images into your post, when I try it says 'coming soon' ? Thanks in advance

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