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A smile for a kid who needed it!

--by KitKat, posted Nov 24, 2006
My mom came to see me at college and then we went to see my little brother play basketball. While we were there, we saw one of her students who had a lot going on in his life at the time. He had it pretty rough.

He finished playing basketball and was now just waiting. So my mom grabbed a smile card from her purse and smiled at me and we were off! We decided to purchase a hot dog for him and I was going to deliver it (he didn't know me)!! So we bought the hot dog and mom wrote "great job tonight" on the card with a smiley face!!! I went and got the hot dog, and delievered it!

He just sat there and looked at me!!! He was in shock! But then he took it. It was so cute! He was one of those kids that didn't have nice things happen to him too often so this little gesture knocked him off his feet! It was cute, and my mom and I had fun!
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zidlore wrote: Giving really is fun. A great deed! ^_^

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