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Sharing warmth on a cold night

--by klz16, posted Nov 30, 2006
Being in the high school Band isn't always easy. Hours of practice go into making the show(s) perfect! (Not including if your football team makes it to districts, and so on.) You need a lot of dedication and I realize that because I am in the band.

Every day in August from 8am-12pm we have 'band camp' practicing for the upcoming football season. This past week was one of our last regular season football games and it was COLD! During our break, I was standing in line at the concession stand for a hot chocolate when a band member from the other team approched me and told me how nice our band looked, and then began telling me about how cold she was and how she's not used to being this cold during football season because their team never went far into the season.

Being next in line, I ordered two hot chocolates instead of just one for myself. I turned around and gave her the hot chocolate and a smile card and told her 'enjoy'! She couldn't believe that someone that she didn't even know would randomly buy her a hot chocolate. She thanked me up and down. So even at those cold football games, remember to do kind deeds because everyone needs a little caring and happiness sometimes!

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Sd wrote: Let us not forget that a member of the competitor band started the conversation with a compliment. She told the other team's band member how nice their band looked. That was a heart warming share. Blessings to both the band members. It was an act of kindness when the home team band member bought the other a hot chocolate; that is what scripture tells each of us to do. We are to be kind to one another. Unfortunately, neither band member was able to dress warm enough for the weather, but that hot drink set well with both.
thaata wrote: The being sportive is learnt by every sportsman and the kindness you extended is a part of that. Thanks.
SmileSharer wrote: Yes! Cold high school band football games! Totally with you there! :) that is a great idea and i am for sure going to try that out next season! Smiles forever, smilesharer
a2zmom4 wrote: I remember those days well. Well - not so fondly lol good for you!
a2zmom4 wrote: I remember those days well. Well - not so fondly lol good for you!
Kevin wrote: Wow, with all the competition in the country and in sports and band competitions, it is really nice to know that an act like this happened.
Aiya wrote: i'm in band too! YAY BANDGEEKS!!! but we never had to practice much because our football team lost nearly every game, haha. yay for random acts of kindness! may God bless you lots!

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