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Sharing warmth on a cold night

Being in the high school Band isn't always easy. Hours of practice go into making the show(s) perfect! (Not including if your football team makes it to districts, and so on.) You need a lot of dedication and I realize that because I am in the band. Every day in August from 8am-12pm we have 'band camp' practicing for the upcoming football season. This past week was one of our last regular season football games and it was COLD! During our break, I was standing in line at the concession stand for a hot chocolate when a band member from the other team approched me and told me how nice our band looked, and then began telling me about how cold she was and how she's not used to being this cold during football season because their team never went far into the season. Being next in line, I ordered ... Read Full Story >>

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Project "Pay It Forward"

I am a part of a Christian club at my school. However this club can sometimes be unmotivated. I motivated them today! At our usual half hour meeting we usually discuss events we want to do or fundraising ideas and do a devotion. But today I started a new program for the club called ‘project pay it forward.’   I brought with me to the meeting a box of thank you cards, pens, and smile cards that I have been saving for this purpose. I announced to the club that we were going to start a new project. At first I could see the glares coming at me. But as I passed out the smile cards and thank you cards, I could see the group beginning to change. This wasn’t going to be a typical  meeting. I then told them that we were going to write thank you cards to faculty members ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping a friend through a tough time

Recently my friend lost her father. My family is helping their family  to cope with his loss. We are making dinner for them once/twice a month and just taking the time to 'hang out' with them.

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