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Sharing the Chistmas cheer aound

--by Ginny, posted Dec 30, 2006
Yesterday while doing some Christmas shopping my mom and I stop to have a lunch at Easy Steet Cafe. When the bill came I asked if my mom had a pen she like me didn't have one with us. So I asked my mom to ask for a pen while I tried to untangle a peace charm necklace that was in my bag. I wrote the waitress a note that said this.

Happy Christmas to you
"May all your Christmas's be bright."

Left the Necklace out on the table with smile card and left. I know how hard the holidays are with all of your hard earned cash going down the drain for one holiday. Plus she looked  like she needed a a little X-mas cheer to brighten up her day.
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Ari wrote: Good deeds and good thoughts are spontanities that lift up others at the most needful time. You have done it!!
pacots wrote: Wonderful thing to do,I bet you made her day brighter.
rocky78 wrote: Bright Chirstmas to you too! :)
waltzes wrote: What a nice Christmas present for that waitress, Ginny. Merry Christmas!

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