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It's not just a book

Over the 3 years that I have been at Drake High School, one of my most favorite places to go is the school libary. I love to read but it's not just because I have read 80% of all the books in libary. It's because it's place that I feel safe. By the second week of school freshman year, Ms. B not only knew my first name, she knew my favorite books. She is someone that I know I can go to if I am having a bad day or just need a place to cry for awhile. So one of my favorite auothers, Meg Cabot, was coming to speak and sign books at Book Passage. Being in 12th grade, I really wanted to do something good for Ms. B and the  school libary.  So I got a signed copy of How To Be Popular for the libary. I put a smile card in there and handed ... Read Full Story >>

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Without Anything, Life is Beautiful

Today I went to St. Anouthy's Dining Room in San Franscio with a group of 28 adults and 26 students, to feed homeless people. When we got got there there was this guy who shared a bit of the histoy of Tenderloin district and St. Anouthy's and its work.  Plus a little bit on the people we going to help out with. We went to the dining room to serve the food.  By the third tray, I realized that this was a life changing experience for me.  It felt so good to hear perspectives from those who were less fortunate than I am.  When I got to take my break from serving food, I sat and ate with the homeless instead of my classmates.  I sat down and talked with this guy who had almost nothing and when we ended our conversation he said, "Life is beautiful." That was last straw for me.  ... Read Full Story >>

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Making 12th Graders Smile

I just started 12th grade this year. Being stuck in school since I was 3 years old in preschool I know how hard it is on the teachers and the young people they teach.

I go to a high-school now and in my bag I always have pack of smile cards. A few years ago I was the one who gave the first smile card at my school and now it's going on strong.

So back to story. I was the one that hated talking to or going up to people that I don't know. Well lets say that I have changed that. Every person that I saw on the fist day of school, I would say something nice to them or help them out and give them a smile card. Now I have cupple of cards.

Now when I need help not only do I get it but sometimes I get a smile card too. And now at school I am known as the Smile 12th grader. When you need it the most I will be there. It's like I just know when somebody needs me.

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The Hug Game

Just this pass week I was finding it kind of hard to pass smile cards around school - with finals coming I found myslef stuck inside studying. So one day when I was sick of studying, I stopped and saw that one of my freinds looked like she needed a hug.

I went up to her and gave her a big hug. Just then, something clicked in my mind. If my friend needed a hug, then somebody else might need a hug too. So I thought of my smile cards. While giving her a hug,  I said these words:
"Tag - you've just been hugged. When you see somebody that needs a hug, give them one and say what I just said."

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Sharing the Chistmas cheer aound

Yesterday while doing some Christmas shopping my mom and I stop to have a lunch at Easy Steet Cafe. When the bill came I asked if my mom had a pen she like me didn't have one with us. So I asked my mom to ask for a pen while I tried to untangle a peace charm necklace that was in my bag. I wrote the waitress a note that said this.

Happy Christmas to you
"May all your Christmas's be bright."

Left the Necklace out on the table with smile card and left. I know how hard the holidays are with all of your hard earned cash going down the drain for one holiday. Plus she looked  like she needed a a little X-mas cheer to brighten up her day.

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Salvation Army

Last night while I was waiting for my mom to pick me up outside the mall. I saw the same lady that I saw last week and the pass two days taking a break outside.

She works 8 hour days as one of those Salvation Army people who stand outside stores ring a bell for donations.
So I really wanted to give her something. I looked in my bag and I found some candy in my bag.

I went up to the lady and told how her how much that means to me and how much I really appreciate what she is doing.
I handed her a smile card and went back to waiting for my mom.

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