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Be kind - nothing in the world will harm you!

--by Ari1969, posted Jan 3, 2007

My niece was away from home for a student camp, which was part of preparation for our country's Republic Day celebration. The camp was conducted at a local school and children were put together to stay in groups of 10 in each room for their stay until the completion of the camp.

It was the rainy season, which brought a lot of infections and health ailments. Some children suffered from fever due to the chillness, some got throat infections and just one had the most odd infection - an eye infection. While fever, cough and cold were not too contagious, the eye infection was. This was one of the roommates of my niece.  All the children left the room -they just vacated and got into their other friends room to save themselves from an eye infection. Only two of them remained in one room- my niece and the roommate with the eye infection. And that was the last day of the camp.

The camp concluded and all returned back home. My niece told me the story of her roommate and her sad situation with the eye infection. I asked her - "Weren't you afraid? And really the eye infection is a dangerous one, isn't it? "

She surprised me with her reply, "So what? People with a kind heart won't be harmed with anything in this world. And moreover she was a roommate for me for the past ten days and I didn't have the heart to leave her alone just for the infection," she said.

I couldn't speak anymore. I was just dumbstruck with the kindness that my niece had for her little known friend. 

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smileswithhope wrote: Wow, that is such a great reminder of how simple kindness is. Thank you for sharing!
thaata wrote: True love doesnot have any fear nor any conditions for loving. Only a true loving heart can show such kind of understanding.

AiyaZaynab wrote: Awwwwwwww!!! How sweet! It is true, nothing can harm us in this world as long as we are kind. :) And patient too. That girl showed patience as well, because some people might have waited until the eye infection passed before rooming with her.
harraq wrote: your niece has done a very nice job....
We despose only of few decisive moments in which we know the real friend and the real meaning of friendship and kindness ...
Please my friend tell her my big delight and insperation ....Thank you...
rocky78 wrote: "....and moreover she was a room mate fro me for the past ten days and i didn't have the heart to leave her alone just for the infection. She said. - What a great act of kindness! :)
reshmakurup wrote: Kids can teach us so much!!!
reshmakurup wrote: Hi Ari,

Which part of India do u come from?

bangalore, India

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