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Be kind - nothing in the world will harm you!

My niece was away from home for a student camp, which was part of preparation for our country's Republic Day celebration. The camp was conducted at a local school and children were put together to stay in groups of 10 in each room for their stay until the completion of the camp. It was the rainy season, which brought a lot of infections and health ailments. Some children suffered from fever due to the chillness, some got throat infections and just one had the most odd infection - an eye infection. While fever, cough and cold were not too contagious, the eye infection was. This was one of the roommates of my niece.  All the children left the room -they just vacated and got into their other friends room to save themselves from an eye infection. Only two of them remained in one room- my niece and the roommate with the eye infection. And ... Read Full Story >>

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Claps For Those Who Couldn't Hear It

Recently, in the University where my wife is a Lecturer, they held a two day symposium to discuss on the latest trends of Biotechnology. It was valedictory day and prior to that the evening had an entertainment show to the guests who had gathered for the symposium.  Before the entertainment programme was finalised, there were lot many traditional ideas on what to have for the entertainment.  But my wife made an unusual suggestion: to call children from a neighbourhood Dumb and Deaf school for the entertainment part. People in her department were raising eyebrows and were wondering what these children who are deaf and dumb could do to entertain people! So, here we are at this valedictory function. The amazing children took on stage, just with one guide and teacher who stood beside the screen to give instructions to the children who were to perform for the entertainment. Oh, the children ... Read Full Story >>

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