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Shopping with good karma

--by spazcase, posted Jan 9, 2007

When I go shopping for clothes, I am grateful to find the clothes hanging on the hangers and not falling off. If I come across a top or pair of pants that are not hung, I will hang them up. 

I do this as an act of kindness for others who may not see the top because it is not fully on the hanger.   I don't say to myself, "This is an employes job" but a nice thing I can do and I enjoy doing it! 

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sewingsphynx wrote: It's a matter of being considerate. It makes your day better and someone elses too.
speedi wrote: It takes only a second but so few seem to think there time is too important and rudly walk on,,Thank you so this gift of your time
Ginny wrote: Great idea thanks for sharing
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is great that you do that. Most people do not treat items that are not theirs the same. Keep it up!
Omniscient wrote: That is awesome! :-)
Ari1969 wrote: Huh..a simple act, but a great value additon to the place you visit. Keep it up!!
Becki wrote: Thank you for doing that.
Flowers wrote: How true and this also applies when you finish eating in a food court or fast food restaurant always put your rubbish in the bin as you leave after all, it is your rubbish. Good on you for putting kindness into your daily life and constantly thinking of others.

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