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--by Flowers, posted Jan 17, 2007

On Saturday, I went to the grocery store with my mother-in-law while visiting her. 

We were being a bit silly at the checkout as I was insisting on paying for her groceries and kept taking her groceries and putting them with mine.  I don't think the check-out girl quite knew how to take us but just as we were leaving I pulled out a little bag of lollies I had wrapped and keep in my handbag and a smile card and left it with her.

Her look was priceless, mouth wide opened she was in shock and finally said  "Are these for me?"

I just smiled, said "Yes" and dragged my mother-in-law out the door, who was equally shocked.  It makes me smile now thinking about it - two for the price of one!!

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rocky78 wrote: :) truly pricelss!
monkeyinpajamas wrote: :) wow i bet she was surprised and her day became so much better as a result!
misskarla wrote: That was fun! I am going to put some suckers in my purse right now. Great little gift to go with the smile card! I can see the expression on both of their faces! Priceless indeed!
strider wrote: awww thats awesome! yes many times it is these things that helps people gain faith again in humans!
bhappy wrote: Your story made my day. There should be more people like you out there. Be blessed.
Flowers wrote: beckid, thank you for your kind words, you have made my day!!! BIG SMILE!

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