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Respect each other and yourself

--by strider, posted Jan 14, 2007

Respect the people around you, too many times have I seen people walk by janitors, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria women, basically people they see everyday but take for granted. They walk by them even when they help you - simply walk by or just look at them and state "well it's their job, let them clean up my trash." Or whatever the situation may apply to.

This even happens to me, and many others I am sure. I see people everyday not talk to people because of status, rank, or ego inflated stepstools. The popular girl at a party ignoring everyone who isnt a jock, men in high positions ignoring the poor and needy. The clearest example I see in my societal structure of a white 70% female, middle class, NOVA college is self-created boys and girls who elevate themselves to a status above normal people by dressing a certain way or acting a certain way etc. Actually ignoring people who aren't in their "group".

I have a dream this morning, a dream to see a time when we courageously break down those walls that divide and build bridges between one another. I long for a super-highway of compassion and acceptance spanning our differences to unite all humanity as one. I dream of a new time where people will be finally connected heart to heart and mind to mind.

I will do my small part to make this future come true.


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Wayfarer wrote: "What ye do unto the least of these ye do also unto me."

wonderlink wrote: Very beautiful dream.
I share that dream.
smiley88 wrote: This is great a reminder to be thankful for and to acknowledge everyone, not just those with whom you are familiar or associated. I also attend a very white, middle-class, college, and witness a lot of the same interactions. It's very uplifting to know that there are people working against this. :)

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