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Living on the Street

I was headed to the UMW womens basketball game yesterday, and I saw an older man, maybe 65, sitting next to a stop sign on William Street at the intersection of Route One and William Street. He was sitting down wearing tattered clothes, and an oversized jacket. A homeless man holding a sign that said: "Hold care in your hearts Thanks very much And God Bless!" I parked my car in the Goolrick Gymnasium parking lot and walked up to the old man and asked "How are you doing?" He looked at me suprised, like I was going to injure him, kind of caught up in words he just said "I am fine, just making a living." Embarrassed, he said "I live on the streets." The one thing that suprised me was that he never asked me for anything, no money or food, seeing that he was homeless was given he even told me so. Even his sign didn't ask for ... Read Full Story >>

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Walkathon for Orphans

$150,000 raised from the Walkathon!

I would like to thank everyone for coming out
today to the Copprome Walkathon. I can't
thank everyone enough! We had over 700 people

With the combined funds of SHH, CCC, and William and Mary team, at the event we raised at least $150,000!! This is amazing, all the hard work everyone has put in is remarkable! This money will be used to pay off land debts and begin self-sustainable programs at the Copprome orphanage.

Today I saw groups of people coming together for a great cause, to help save orphans. When you are performing a good and just cause help seems to come out of the woodwork and I saw that today.

I thank everyone soo much for donating, walking
and supporting the cause!

"Orphans walk miles a day to search the trash
dumps for leftover food, and rotten cabbage, to
eat and give to their younger siblings, today we
are walking in this walkathon so they dont have
to!" ~strider


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Respect each other and yourself

Respect the people around you, too many times have I seen people walk by janitors, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria women, basically people they see everyday but take for granted. They walk by them even when they help you - simply walk by or just look at them and state "well it's their job, let them clean up my trash." Or whatever the situation may apply to. This even happens to me, and many others I am sure. I see people everyday not talk to people because of status, rank, or ego inflated stepstools. The popular girl at a party ignoring everyone who isnt a jock, men in high positions ignoring the poor and needy. The clearest example I see in my societal structure of a white 70% female, middle class, NOVA college is self-created boys and girls who elevate themselves to a status above normal people by dressing a certain way ... Read Full Story >>

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