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Walkathon for Orphans

--by strider, posted Jan 13, 2007

$150,000 raised from the Walkathon!

I would like to thank everyone for coming out
today to the Copprome Walkathon. I can't
thank everyone enough! We had over 700 people

With the combined funds of SHH, CCC, and William and Mary team, at the event we raised at least $150,000!! This is amazing, all the hard work everyone has put in is remarkable! This money will be used to pay off land debts and begin self-sustainable programs at the Copprome orphanage.

Today I saw groups of people coming together for a great cause, to help save orphans. When you are performing a good and just cause help seems to come out of the woodwork and I saw that today.

I thank everyone soo much for donating, walking
and supporting the cause!

"Orphans walk miles a day to search the trash
dumps for leftover food, and rotten cabbage, to
eat and give to their younger siblings, today we
are walking in this walkathon so they dont have
to!" ~strider


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Readers Comments

speedi wrote: I agree God Bless!
wonderlink wrote: Thank you for sharing this great news!
Strider wrote: Hey thanks soo much! Yes the money is going to build a new education center, which has a play area, large courtyard, library, computer room, art room, music room, and an area for relaxing and meditation. the rest will go to help with their future schooling. I found out about all of this through my good pal shin at UMW and we are now working together to help them with an org called SHH.
bhappy wrote: Strider, thank you very much for asking how I am. I'm blessed and doing great. Keep up your good works!!!
speedi wrote: Wonderful Job,,God Bless!
Ginny wrote: Thanks for doing somthing so great that will help people who need it the most.
May God bless you and your helpers for doing this.
Al wrote: god blee you and grant you more health and courage to help others
ieiblue wrote: ... wow.. good job...hope one day I can do the same thing as what you are doing... God bless..
babs wrote: Did the money you raised help with a shelter for them? I am shocked to hear that in this country orphans are forced to search dumps for food. How did you find out about these unfortunate kids? Are they being taken care of now?
bhappy wrote: AWESOME!!! GOD BLESS YOU.

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